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In lieu of the usual grab-’em of TV shows airing tonight, I’m going to join the media masses in pointing out that OMG MAD MEN RETURNS SUNDAY!!!!!  Because I don’t already give the show enough attention.  Now, I know that there are people out there who’ve had enough of the “Mad Men” talk, but y’all need to chill the F out.  This is a smart, complicated, well written, beautifully shot television show.  It’s not gossip updates about Jon and Kate, and it’s not non-news about Heidi and Spencer; please don’t treat it as such.

The esteemed Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle has my back on this:

Beyond being the finest series on television, “Mad Men” is both ambitious and exquisite, two of the ultimate rarities in the business. The Season 3 premiere on Sunday begins and ends with two wonderfully conceived and executed scenes and, when the hour closes, it leaves no doubt about its lofty goals. […]

Don’t fall for that. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and the good folks of Sterling Cooper remain as strong as ever in tough fictional times. If you’re late to the hype, get Season 1 and decide for yourself. That Season 2 was able to continue on a top-tier creative path while also taking chances… should motivate you to continue seeking out its greatness.

What he said.  Below the photo gallery I’ve got more links about “Mad Men” than you can shake your dick at, re-blogged from TV Tattle.  I placed them after the jump so that only the die-hards who want to click through are subjected to them.  Haters to the left.

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