What’s on Tonight: Acting Lessons from Walton Goggins’ Hair

03.16.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

Justified (FX) — A married couple that are friends of mine went on vacation last week, and the wife turned off their power strip to save energy. When they returned, they realized that the DVR was plugged into the power strip, so it didn’t record anything while they were gone — including the best episode of “Justified” all season. DEVASTATING. Grounds for divorce? I say no, but only because the Internet makes it possible to catch up.

Storage Wars (A&E) — Season premiere. As a veteran, I appreciate how the deadly exchange of force evoked by the word “wars” is paired with people bidding on long-term storage units.

Mr. Sunshine (ABC) — Former president James Taylor guest stars. “Now here’s the deal: I’m going to play, and you’re going to float there and like it.”

Face-Off (Syfy) — Season finale. The final challenge should be making John Travolta look like Nicolas Cage and vice versa.

Top Chef All Stars (Bravo) — the final four contestants must dive into the ocean to catch seafood that they must then prepare. That seems like a sensible way to determine the best chef.

Basketball: Thunder at Heat (ESPN) — The NBA’s top weather phenomena face off in Miami.

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