What’s on Tonight: ‘Happy Endings’ Is Back!

09.28.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

Happy Endings (ABC) — Season premiere. Despite ABC mishandling this surprisingly strong comedy in typical ABC fashion (see: “Better Off Ted”), “Happy Endings” is back for a sophomore season in the post-“Modern Family” slot. Nice!

Suburgatory (ABC) — Series premiere. Dad (Jeremy Sisto) thinks his daughter is growing up too fast, so he moves the family from New York City to the suburbs. Early reviews have been mostly positive, and the clips that I’ve seen have all been pretty funny. I’ll be watching. SIDE NOTE: can ABC please stop giving its best comedies terrible names?

Luther (BBC America) — Season premiere. Of course, “Luther” is just what it’s called in England. Here in America, it’s “British Stringer Bell with a Badge.”

Rocket City Rednecks (NatGeo) — Series premiere. The NatGeo PR people have been pushing this like a pregnant woman down the stairs. I have no idea where Rocket City is, but I’m guessing “south of the Mason-Dixon Line.”

The Real World (MTV) — Season premiere. The venerable sack of reality garbage returns to San Diego for drunken casual sex and vomiting. Watch the trailer here.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Letterman wins tonight. He’s got Anderson Cooper AND Nick Offerman as his guests. Elsewhere: Ed Helms on Leno; Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane on Kimmel; Rashida Jones and Jonathan Ames on Ferguson; Bill O’Reilly on “The Daily Show” (uh oh); Ken Burns on Colbert; and a pretty good show for Jimmy Fallon, too — he’s got Anna Faris, Michael Emerson, Dwyane Wade, and MGMT.

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