What’s On Tonight: I Hope You Like Christmas Specials

11.28.12 4 Comments

SNL Christmas (NBC) – NBC is airing their big Christmas in Rockefeller Center special tonight, followed by two-hours of Saturday Night Live’s most memorable Christmas moments. It is November 28.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (ABC) – I guess I really can’t get too upset at networks for airing Christmas specials so early, though, especially considering How the Grinch Stole Christmas beat The Mindy Project in the ratings last night. But still, November 28.

Modern Family/Nashville (ABC) – Claire and Gloria go to Costco on tonight’s Modern Family, and Rayna and Juliette perform a duet on Nashville. I vote we swap those two plots and see what happens.

Arrow (CW) – From TV Guide: “The Huntress, who is the daughter of mob boss Frank Bertinelli, arrives in Starling City.” I have thought about this for a while and I have decided that naming your daughter The Huntress would be a pretty good way to scare off boys.

Hot In Cleveland (TV Land) – Season premiere. Here’s the thing about Betty White: If I am still working at age 90, shoot me in the head.

Life After Top Chef (Bravo) – Season finale. The chefs cook for First Lady Michelle Obama. Better put away that Paula Deen cookbook.

Key & Peele (Comedy Central) – Season finale. We didn’t mention it during the week, but this show got picked up for a third season. This is a good thing. They’ll swing and miss every now and then on a sketch, sure. But the highs are incredibly high. I’ll take that over a steady diet of mediocrity any day.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Eric Bana, Damian Lewis, and Wiz Khalifa on Kimmel; Steven Tyler, Judy Greer, Aerosmith, and Joe Biden on a repeat of Letterman; Lewis Black and Karen Gillan on Ferguson; Wanda Sykes and Blake Shelton on Leno; Helen Mirren and Carson Daly on a repeat of Fallon; and Jessica Biel, Marc Maron, and Alice Cooper on Conan.

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