What's On Tonight: 'Justified' Finale

04.10.12 45 Comments

Justified (FX) – Season finale. On one hand, I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up. One the other hand, after tonight, it will be MONTHS before we get another episode. I don’t know how to feel. Hold me. (Writers Jon Worley and VJ Boyd will be joining us again for the discussion tomorrow. I may just ask them to come over and tell me Harlan-based bedtime stories until the show returns.)

Cougar Town (ABC) – Back this week after being bumped for an encore performance of “Dancing with the Stars.” Oof. That one was below the belt, ABC.

Body of Proof (ABC) – Season finale. Dana Delaney’s character, Dr. Megan Hunt, comes face to face with a serial killer. If you, like me, are 8 years old, you have already figured out a way to make the name “Dr. Megan Hunt” hilarious.

Deadliest Catch (Discovery) – Season premiere. Technically, the “deadliest catch” is probably ebola.

New Girl (FOX) – Tonight on the show, Nick tries to bring one of the ideas in his Idea Notebook to life. HEY! I have an idea notebook, too! [pulls out Idea Notebook] [notebook is full of ideas like “What if aliens were made of candy?” and “Toilet police”] Um … this isn’t the right notebook. Nevermind.

NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) – Tonight on “NCIS,” Tony and Ziva travel to Colombia to investigate the murder of a Marine. Characters on a CBS procedural investigating a murder by traveling to South America, eh? Sounds familiar. (See video below.)

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: David Spade and Slash on Kimmel; Masters champion Bubba Watson on Letterman; Guy Pearce and Jessica St. Clair on Ferguson; Josh Hutcherson and Rachel Maddow on Leno; Christina Applegate and Jane Goodall on Fallon; Jason Biggs on Conan.

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