What’s on Tonight: Norm!

04.12.11 8 years ago 20 Comments

Sports Show with Norm MacDonald (Comedy Central) — Series premiere. I’m skeptical but hopeful. Drew Magary, who spent a week in L.A. working on the pilot but ultimately didn’t join the show’s staff, writes:

Norm’s set is going to be all digital, as it is on “Tosh.0”. The opening of the show will feature Norm doing lots of jokes, as he did masterfully over at SNL when he was the “Weekend Update” anchor. There will also be a handful of field pieces from various sources, including possibly the folks at Good Neighbor. Most importantly, the show will be current, unlike “Onion Sportsdome,” which is bizarrely evergreen. [Watch the first 90 seconds of tonight’s show below]

Deadliest Catch (Discovery) — Season premiere. True to the show’s name, Captain Phil died last season — although I suspect it was cigarettes and a terrible diet that did him in, and not the crabs.

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) — Last night, Kirstie Alley survived the mistake of briefly losing her shoe. I did you all the favor of not wasting your time with a post about that today.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC) — Season premiere. After being attacked with pitchforks in West Virginia* last season (*source needed), Oliver hopes to have better luck in Los Angeles. Good luck and Godspeed, sir. If this fails, I volunteer to be America’s new Reichskommissar of Exercise. All obese children and adults will be transported to my Spartan exercise camps, where they will be transformed into healthy, productive citizens. OR DIE IN THE PROCESS, MWAHAHAHAHA!

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Gordon Ramsay and Hayden Panettierre (incredibly hot in person) on Conan; Ricky Gervais and Foo Fighters on Letterman; Kristen Bell on Leno; Emma Roberts and the latest “DWTS” castoff on Kimmel. Full listings at TV Squad.

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