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02.07.11 17 Comments

The Chicago Code (FOX) – Series debut.  The creator of “The Shield” makes his own version of “The Wire” where the very city itself is a paradox!  There’s even a cop named “Colvin.”  These cops seem like har-dasses, but when push comes to shove they really care about each other.  If that’s not enough to sell it, the promo looked like it featured a raid on the Family Matters house.  That could be fun.  Just imagine the Winslow family all trying to keep the door closed and Jennifer Beals trying to get in.

Harry’s Law (NBC) – Kathy Bates has a gun and sometimes speaks in ebonics to mock black people.

The Unpoppables (TLC) – Series debut.  A balloon decorating company gets a reality show wherein they “take on an array of challenging balloon commissions that test their skills and sanity.”  I guess this channel just doesn’t give a sh** about learning anymore, huh.

Greek (ABC Family) – Celebrate four big seasons by watching the 70th all new episode of “Greek,” and remembering how “Undeclared” only got seventeen episodes and “Freaks and Geeks” aired twelve.

WWE Raw (USA) or Mike and Molly (CBS) – What would you rather watch: fat people not enjoying anything, or fat people nobody enjoys?

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Conan has Jeff Bridges and the Far East Movement and may or may not teach him the meaning of the word “slizzurd.”  Leno has Mark Wahlberg and James Blunt (although this could be a repeat from 2007, not sure).  Letterman has … Martin Lawrence?  Dr. Phil and Nelly are on Kimmell, and I’m sorry, I seriously cannot be looking at the listings for 2011.  Pretty funny, TV Squad.  Let me guess, Fallon has Anna Nicole Smith and Chingy.

[Full listings at TV Squad]

Special note:  Matt’s back full-time tomorrow, so thanks for putting up with me.

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