What’s on Tonight: Sorry About American Idol

Blue Bloods (CBS) — I’m not sure what this is, but I’m going to tune in just in case it turns out to be about Lord Steven Regal and Squire Dave Taylor. Hopefully tonight’s episode features Bunkhouse Buck. Man, I really wish WCW Saturday Night was still around.

American Idol (FOX) — Earlier today, Ryan Seacrest tweeted, “Make sure u watch the producers apology at the top.” What exactly are they apologizing for? That Dateline NBC-style footage of the guy with the invalid girlfriend? Leaving Taylor Hicks off of their list of winners? That time the ginger kid sang “King of the Road” and gave me second hand embarrassment for like four years? Tune in to find out.

Minute to Win It (NBC) — In part one of their “Kids Rule” special, a family of five must look at Guy Fieri’s horrible face for sixty seconds in the hopes of winning one million dollars. Note: that sixty seconds will feature nine commercial breaks.

Groundhog Day (Encore) — Encore is playing Groundhog Day fourteen times today, back to back on a continuous loop, and they won’t stop until you’ve figured out how to watch it appropriately.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Jesse Eisenberg and Jennifer Lawrence on Leno, Jim Gaffigan and his one high voiced joke about food on Letterman, Kobe Bryan on Conan, Josh Brolin on Kimmel, Samuel L. Jackson and Larry the Cable Guy representing the complete racial spectrum on Fallon, an undeserved sense of entitlement (and Mindy Kaling) on Lopez. Chelsea Handler uses her Genesis Machine to suck the youth from Rachel Bilson on Chelsea Lately.

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