‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Had Its First Special Needs Contestant Last Night

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05.01.14 9 Comments

Our favorite Wheel of Fortune clips usually involve someone misspeaking (we’ll never forget you, Ay-Chill-Is and I Have the Wine), or unintended racism. Last night’s episode unfortunately had neither, but it did have Trent, a superfan with special needs who hails from Arizona.

He’s probably the second best thing to ever happen on Wheel, behind only the scooter-riding dog.

Trenton Girone, identified as “Trent” on his nametag on the show, won $1,000 by correctly guessing “A Smashing Success” on the first puzzle, a fitting answer for the reaction he’d receive from viewers.

“I want to thank all of the contestant staff for taking the time to help me, and would like to thank Pat Sajak for his assistance, as well. I have some physical challenges that they were aware of and they made sure I was safe and comfortable,” Trent said on the Wheel of Fortune website. (Via)

Pat spoke to Trent with the same I-honestly-don’t-care-about-your anecdote-when-can-I-head-back-home attitude he gives every other contestant, which I appreciated, unlike the lady to Trent’s left, who looked visibly uncomfortable and kept saying “awwwww” after anything bad happened to her ENEMY. I guess I don’t blame her, not when even her relatives were rooting for her to lose. Also:

Meeting Pat, during the third taping of the day I was on the show, was as awesome and amazing as it could be. I even mentioned the infamous category, “Megaword”. However, I did not get to talk to Vanna, but sure wish I had been able to! (Via)

Trent, you dirty dog you (not to be confused with the aforementioned scooter-riding dog).


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