When Will ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 3, Episode 5 Be On Hulu?

The third season of Abbott Elementary is in full swing, and the gang is definitely making up for lost time. After a time jump at the beginning of the season, we saw Janine (played by Quinta Brunson) in a new role at the district, but she’s still keeping her eye on the folks at Abbott.

TikToker/comedian Sabrina Brier appeared in episode four as a Zillennial substitute teacher, while the crew had to intervene with a student who was caught smoking. Obviously, this did not go over well.


There’s been some oversight on the school rules list. 👀 Watch a new #AbbottElementary tonight at 9/8c on ABC & stream on Hulu!

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Even though season three just began, the show was already renewed for a fourth season, so you can take comfort in the fact that these guys aren’t going anywhere. Abbott Elementary season 3, episode 5 airs on Wednesday, February 28 at 9:00 p.m. EST on ABC. Just like previous episodes, it will be available on Hulu on Thursday.

Brunson, who won an Emmy for her role on the show, teased that season three will show a new side to Janine. “Her hair is different. She’s dressing different. We see immediately what kind of growth has happened for her in the past five months,” Brunson recently told Variety, “From what I’ve seen online or from people I’ve talked to, they have no idea. They’re not guessing what happens. And for people who have seen it already, there’s alarm on their faces.” Luckily, they got those students to stop smoking!