The UPROXX Pop Culture Oddsmaker: Which 'Breaking Bad' Character Will Die Next?

As everyone reading this should know by now, Sunday night brought the demise of yet another Breaking Bad character, the extremely well-liked Mike. With the season finale coming up this Sunday, you have to figure that there’s a high probability a major character will get offed — if not this weekend then almost assuredly in the show’s final season. And since everyone seems to enjoy speculating who’ll be the next to go, I decided to set some Vegas-style odds on each major character’s chances.

Skyler: (5/2) I don’t feel as strongly about the possibility that Skyler will get whacked — something a crapload of Breaking Bad fans have been dying to see happen — as I once did, but her hostility toward Walt, a man not to be f*cked with right now, puts her squarely in the bull’s eye, I think.

Walter Jr., aka “Flynn”: (8/1) Where the hell has he been? Probably smoking his dad’s blue meth and driving recklessly around in that new hot-rod of his, that’s where. I can easily see a deadly accident in the future for ole Flynn, and it’d all trace directly back to Walt, making Skyler hate him even more. Hope heaven has a great breakfast buffet!

Holly: (10/1) People around here have been predicting Holly’s death forever. It has to happen at some point, right?

Marie: (20/1) I’ve heard a lot of chatter of late in which people speculate that Skyler will spill her guts to Marie and then Walt will kill Marie before she can tell Hank. I’m totally fine with this.

Hank: (30/1) I have trouble seeing Hank being killed. I’ve come to believe that the show will end with Walt still right under Hank’s nose the whole time.

Todd: (40/1) Jesse, the only person I could see wanting Todd dead, doesn’t have the will or the motivation to kill Todd, and Walt is madly in love with his eager new lab assistant. Todd lives, perhaps to be the one who eventually takes Walt down.

Jesse: (50/1) He’s the most well-liked character on the show. Can’t see him getting offed.

(100/1) Walt will die. This I am convinced. But not until the very end. Now say his name!

Saul: (1000/1) You can’t kill a good cockroach, and Saul is a great freakin’ cockroach. Besides, there’s that whole spinoff thing going on.

So who do you think will die next?

Meanwhile, donuts, bitch!