Whitney Cummings Questions Petting Dogs In Public In The First ‘Can I Touch It?’ Trailer

Later this month, former Roseanne revival co-showrunner and HBO alum Whitney Cummings’ latest comedy special, Can I Touch It?, drops on Netflix. Until then, audiences will have to make do with the new hour’s first trailer, which the streaming service dropped on Thursday.

As the short preview’s assorted collection of bits reveals, Can I Touch It? isn’t going to ignore the many, many implications of its title — especially with regard to sexual harassment. “People started caring about sexual harassment all of a sudden,” she says. “I want you guys to know, I get it. Of course you want to touch women. They’re impossible to resist! I can relate to your frustration.” Not because she wants to “touch it,” though. It turns out Cummings is talking about petting service dogs in public, a thing that practically everyone who’s breathing can relate to.

“I’m gonna pet that f*cking dog. I mean, it’s a dog. It obviously wants it,” she continues, stretching the comparison between the sexual harassment of women and cute puppies.

Fans of Cummings’ previous specials, like I’m Your Girlfriend and Money Shot, will recognize her penchant for wit and commentary in this and the other bits the trailer briefly previews. If her comedy stylings are all news to you, though, then you may want to tune in when Can I Touch It? drops on July 30th.