Let’s Take A Final Guess At Who Negan Killed In ‘The Walking Dead’

10.21.16 1 year ago 10 Comments

(Spoilers for The Walking Dead in post and vid above.)

Guys, we’re almost on the other side. In a little over 60 hours, we’ll finally know who Negan killed. It’s a mystery that has plagued us for months now, a mystery that AMC has gone to painstaking lengths to hide, such as using body doubles and possible misdirection. Season six’s finale was the cliffhanger-yist of cliffhangers that has paid off well for the show because it has kept us in suspense and endlessly talking about it. So, let’s keep talking about it with one final theory on who exactly Negan killed.

In the video above, we work our way through all the possible choices for Lucille’s victim. Right off the bat (HA), we can rule out Aaron, Rosita, and Sasha, since Robert Kirkman has said that the goner is a beloved character, and the death of any of those three wouldn’t set the stakes high for season seven. Same goes for Eugene. While Abraham has been a standout choice for some, Michael Cudlitz spoke with Pop Sugar about his character in the upcoming season, saying that now we’ll get to see a world that has both Negan and Abraham. That wouldn’t really work if he were dead. Maggie can also be ruled out since a frail mother who’s so sick she can’t walk really wouldn’t take a beating “like a champ.” And while Daryl has been hyped as the target, he can also be crossed off since set photos have revealed him to be in what looks like a prison jumpsuit, painting him to be a prisoner of the Saviors. Because of Glenn’s comic book death at the end of Negan’s bat, making him, the victim would be anticlimactic, not to mention a little excessive since they already pulled the “Glenn’s dead” card earlier in season six.

So that leaves Michonne. Her death would be the only one that shocks us going into a season that has promised us many shocks, and she would definitely meet the criteria for Rick’s deceased “right-hand man.” She also would have a cathartic ending now that her relationship with Rick has finally been consummated. Michonne’s passing would be enough for fans to be upset but not lose their minds. More of a casual riot.

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