Who Is Adrienne In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Aside from Tommy Egan and Liliana, who both appeared in the original Power series, 50 Cent’s Power Book IV: Force has brought forth a whole new cast of characters and names to learn. Despite being seven episodes into the inaugural season, we’re still being introduced to people that will have essential roles in the show (see: Cousin Buddy played by Freddie Gibbs). Some of them come and go rather quickly, like Elijah whos’ played by Jeremih, while others seem like they’ll be here for a little while. Adrienne seems to be one of those.

Who Is Adrienne In ‘Power?’

Adrienne takes the role of Diamond’s love interest after the two meet at his go-to diner. Their interaction there leads to what initially seemed like a one-night stand. However, the two seem to be going steady after the reconnect at Diamond’s bar. Unfortunately, there’s a catch to it all as Adrienne planned her first interaction with Diamond as she’s a crime reporter working on a story that involves him.

Adrienne originally wanted to center the story around “broken nations in Chicago and the young men who fall victim to it.” However, her editor says that it will now be about Diamond as his rise and fall as a drug kingpin. The editor’s hope is that they can catch Diamond’s second rise in the drug game and produce a report that causes him to go back to prison.

New episodes of STARZ’s ‘Power Book IV: Force’ are available to watch on Sunday at 12:00am EST.