What You Need To Know About Negan, The Next ‘Walking Dead’ Supervillain

(Contains spoilers from The Walking Dead series and comics.)

We’ve seen villains come and go on The Walking Dead. The Governor, the Wolves, that violent old folks home in season one, but we have yet to see arguably the biggest baddie from the comics: Negan. Now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as the monster, it’s time for a crash course in this character who will tear Rick and his gang a new one.

Negan is the brutal leader of the Saviors, another group out there just trying to survive only with a lot more killing of good guys. Unlike the Wolves who seem to have one goal (kill, kill, kill), the Saviors have a little more structure and purpose. With his handy barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat named “Lucille,” Negan terrorizes Rick and the Alexandrians. In the process, two long-lived Walking Dead characters, Glenn and Abraham, both make bloody exits at the hands of the Saviors. Now, we probably won’t see any of that this season, if we see it at all. Negan will be showing up in the season six finale, and who knows what the Saviors will look like when he does. A fan theory even posits that Glenn will survive his camera manipulation only to get his brains caught in Negan’s barbed wire. And we certainly won’t see the full extent of Negan’s brutality because this is television, after all.

Are you looking forward to seeing Morgan’s portrayal of Negan? Will he be the greatest Walking Dead villain to date?