Will Ashley Park Be In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 4?

Emily In Paris resumed filming this month for Season 4, and The White Lotus fans will not be disappointed to see Bruno Gouery (who portrayed one of the Evil Gays) return as Luc, a colleague of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins). However, the question on viewers’ minds is this: will Ashley Park return this season as Mindy, or will she have to take a hiatus due to recent health issues?

Park (who’s also a singer, and she shares those talents on the Netflix series) previously revealed how she had experienced complications from a case of tonsillitis (while on vacation) and even fell into severe septic shock. As a result, she was hospitalized in “three foreign hospitals” in addition to enduring “a week in the ICU, scary ERs.” She had promised that she was “safely on the other side of the worst” although recovery was ongoing, and Park now updates the situation for Emily devotees.

As Park writes below, she is “now recovering and resting in Paris where I was greeted with this incredible warm welcome from loved ones and my Emily In Paris fam.” That included “couch cuddles” from Lily Collins, although Park is still “wait[ing] to be medically cleared to work.” Until that happens, “I promise im breathing through this all and taking as much care of myself as I can to get back into fighting shape.”

In other words, yes, Mindy shall sing her heart out again on this series. It’s only a matter of timing when that happens.

Emily In Paris should return to Netflix sometime in 2025. In the meantime, the first three seasons are available to stream.