Watch Will Ferrell And Billy Eichner Confront Strangers With An Important Question About ‘Elf’

What’s your favorite Christmas movie of all time? Actually, let me re-phrase that, because the answer is obviously Muppets Christmas Carol. Which of these Christmas movies do you enjoy more: Scrooged or Elf? Pity the poor New Yorker who prefers Bill Murray to Will Ferrell… right in front of Will Ferrell.

Buddy the Elf dropped by Billy on the Street to yell at strangers about gold, frankincense, and myrrh with host Billy Eichner. The same thing happened to me once in Penn Station, except the guy screaming at me wasn’t the star of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy; it was some dude in a Santa hat with seven pigeons on one shoulder. He’s the real legend.

My favorite thing about the clip, other than the sentence “actually, it’s Bill Murray, you twat,” is Eichner and Ferrell running around New York City in seasonally inappropriate Christmas onesies when it’s clearly not Christmastime. Imagine visiting New York for the first time and seeing one of the nation’s biggest comedians handing out wrapped bales of hay. Happens all the time.

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