Will Ferrell And Jimmy Fallon Go Full Drag On ‘The Tonight Show’ With Special Guest Michelle Obama

Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and managed to create a little bit of that SNL magic. Sure, this sketch is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to get us to live healthier lives via a secret Communist lizard plan to overtake the American government. But hey, there’s also Will Ferrell in drag and that can’t be wrong, right?

Actually it’s one of the more frightening things I’ve ever seen in my life, followed closely by a live birth and an episode of Yes, Dear. But if this is a glimpse of what we are going to get with Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, I can live with it. It’s already better than anything Leno had on in the past ten years, even if it would only be a 10 to 1 sketch.

(Via The Tonight Show)