Will Ferrell Is Now Doing Dodge Durango Commercials As Ron Burgundy

Testing the public’s ability to speak only in Anchorman references, the smelly pirate hookers at Dodge have wisely hired Will Ferrell’s most mustached creation, Ron Burgundy, to extoll the virtues of the furry, metallic tractor known as the Durango, minus the furriness and it not being a tractor. It’s a decision you won’t immediately regret, pitched the 27-year-old in charge of Dodge’s marketing; one might even say it drives as smooth as scotch down your belly, from Milwaukee to ever classy San Diego. Something something whale’s vagina glass case of horsepower.

The pitch practically writes itself. Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood is looking for Ferrell, trident in hand.


“Gumball Machine”

“It Comes Standard”

“Staring Contest”