Who Will Be The First Critic To Not Have ‘Breaking Bad’ In Their Year-End Top 10?

One of the reasons why people like year-end lists so much is because they like arguing, yes, but also because of the uncertainty of what’s going to finish number-one. Is Yeezus 2013’s best album? Could be, but that’s not a unanimous opinion. What about movies? There are at least 10 films that could take the top slot, including one that just came out (Inside Llewyn Davis) and two that haven’t been released yet (American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street). But then there’s TV, where, with all due respect to Game of Thrones, there’s only one right answer: Breaking Bad.

So far, many major critics seem to agree:

That list comes from Metacritic, which keeps an “updated running tally of the TV shows most frequently mentioned by individual critics in their year-end Top Ten lists.” The ballots for only 11 writers have been tabulated so far, but it’s already clear Breaking Bad is going to run away with the top spot, with GoT and Orange Is the New Black close behind. But who’s going to be the FIRST critic/troll to leave off Breaking Bad? I suppose it’s possible that there’s some respected reviewer out there who simply doesn’t care for Breaking Bad, but that person has bigger problems than the ones he or she will face from the Internet when his or her Heisenberg-less list goes viral.

The headline “Is Castle the best drama on television?” is a good place to start.

(Via Metacritic)