Geralt Of Rivia Grunts His Way Through A ‘WitcherCon’ Trailer Ahead Of The Joint Netflix And CD Projekt Red Event

Books, canon-divergent video games, and a burgeoning TV franchise: The Witcher can do it all, and Geralt of Rivia can grunt his way through every leather clad step. Ready your swords, because Andrzej Sapkowski’s highly addictive monster-universe shall be celebrated — on July 9 — during a joint event from CD Projekt Red (the developer of The Witcher video games) and Netflix (the maker of The Witcher TV show). And as this trailer shows, the loner monster hunter isn’t thrilled about it, but that’s possibly because he’s getting no bath time (which is now canon, so c’mon).

Oh, who am I kidding? Even if Geralt got his bath, he’d be sure to grunt before and after, especially if Henry Cavill’s TV take has to witness Jaskier singing, “Toss A Coin,” which is truly the biggest monster of the entire franchise. Never fear, Jaskier got some airtime in this trailer, too.

WitcherCon is set to feature appearances from Cavill, along with Freya Allan (Ciri) and Anya Chalrota (Yennifer), as well as showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. Expect reveals about the mobile The Witcher: Monster Slayer game and Season 2 of the Netflix series. We’ll hopefully also hear more about the prequel series in development and the upcoming Netflix anime movie, Nightmare of the Wolf. Previously, Netflix’s Geeked Week announced WitcherCon with a breezy “Geralt, meet Geralt,” and this team effort should be a satisfying one for those who wish to roam the Continent.

The event will be held exclusively online on July 9 on YouTube and Twitch, and another stream will run on July 10. As of now, though, Netflix’s The Witcher doesn’t have a Season 2 release date, but let’s cross our fingers for late 2021.