W(TF)ilfred Recap: ‘Distance’

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08.16.13 2 Comments

wilfred knife

When Dwight Yoakam’s in town, f*cked up sh*t’s gonna go down.

“Distance” picks up shortly after the ending of last week’s fantastic episode, with Ryan learning that it was Kristen, not him, who made the drawing that’s haunted him for months. To learn more about its origins, Ryan visits Bruce (Yoakam), a returning figment of his messed-up consciousness, which, naturally, results in a Community-esque game of crazy escalations, both real and staged. (If only Ryan had a time hoodie.)

Suicides were faked, dog balls were eaten, and dicks were punched, all used as misleading distractions by Ryan to delay the inevitable reveal of what’s really “wrong” with him. Finding a new clue — some sort of symbol hidden beneath a blue house on Kristen’s drawing — certainly isn’t doing him any favors, but as long as Yoakam’s occasionally there for the (non-rapey) ride, I will, too. As for this week’s W(TF)ilfred moment: obviously.

dog balls

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