‘The X-Files’ Cast Reunited To Provide Lyrics To The Show’s Eerie Theme Song

There are 11 seasons of The X-Files, two movies, and that Simpsons episode, so the world isn’t lacking in Mulder and Scully content. But it’s still always nice to see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together, or in the case of the video below, “together.”

The X-Files duo — along with co-stars Mitch Pileggi (Skinner), Robert Patrick (Doggett), Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes), unmistakable “Humbag” standout The Enigma; creator Chris Carter; writer Vince Gilligan; and director Michelle MacLaren, among others — virtually reunited to raise funds for the World Central Kitchen and provide lyrics to the show’s eerie and iconic theme song. (Anderson unfortunately doesn’t appear until the end.) There are few never-skip television theme songs; The X-Files had one of them.

Variety reports that “executive producer Frank Spotnitz’s desire to help the needy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic saw him devise a challenge for The X-Files fans to write bespoke lyrics for the show’s instrumental theme tune. The winning tune was written by fans Jennifer Large and Rebecca McDonald.” The lyrics go:

Deep conspiracies
Unsolved mysteries
Spooky UFOs
Files that have been closed

It works much better with musical accompaniment, so crank that Mark Snow-composed instrumental (or better yet, the Pure Moods remix) and sing along.

(Via Variety)