Norman Reedus Discusses The ‘Really Dark, Dark Secret’ Lurking On ‘The Walking Dead’

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02.13.19 3 Comments


The much improved ninth season of The Walking Dead returned this week, and in doing so, began Negan’s redemption arc in earnest and potentially teased an upcoming death from the comics. Fans seem to be responding well to the improved The Walking Dead, as the ratings declines have halted and this week’s midseason premiere actually saw an uptick over the midseason finale, despite heavy competition from the Grammys and True Detective and despite the exit of Andrew Lincoln.

One reason the season has improved, other than the overall better writing shepherded by showrunner Angela Kang, is the arrival of The Whisperers, the most formidable foe on The Walking Dead so far. However, there is also another compelling mystery lurking in the background of the show that doesn’t appear to come from the comics. It involves the mysterious X-scars seen on the backs of Michonne and Daryl earlier this season.


The show has given us nothing on these scars, other than a passing reference in the most recent episode in which Michonne seemed to thank Daryl for helping out in the matter that led to the injuries. However, on this week’s The Talking Dead (via Forbes), Norman Reedus shed some light on that mystery while also leaving us even more confused.

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