Another ‘The Walking Dead’ Pregnancy May Be Bad News For A Certain Character

02.10.19 5 months ago


Through nine seasons of The Walking Dead, there have been a number of pregnant characters on the series, and while the products of those pregnancies have all survived, the track record for the actresses playing the pregnant characters has not been stellar.

Lori Grimes was the first pregnant character on the series, giving birth to Judith Grimes in the third season. Judith is now nine years old, but Lori died while giving birth to her. Maggie Rhee was also pregnant for many, many, many seasons on The Walking Dead before finally giving birth during the first time jump in the ninth season. Now the actress who plays her, Lauren Cohan, has left the show (and may not return), and Maggie took baby Hershel with her when she joined up with Georgie. We spent very little time with Michonne while she was pregnant with Rick’s baby, but after a time jump, R.J. is now a part of The Walking Dead family. However, Michonne is not expected to be for that much longer, as she’s set to exit the show next season. She’ll join Rick Grimes in the movies and will undoubtedly bring R.J. along with her.

Are the writers are trying to say something about Christian Serratos’ future on the show this week by writing in another pregnancy storyline on the series? This time it’s Serratos’ Rosita, and the identity of the father is likely to create some soap-opera drama on the series. Rosita is currently dating Gabriel on the show, although Eugene is madly in love with her and determined (perhaps too determined) to win her affections. However, neither Eugene nor Gabriel is the father of her baby. That title belongs to Siddiq, who we learn this week “had some fun” with Rosita before she began dating Gabriel, resulting in Rosita’s pregnancy and a bout of morning sickness at an inopportune time (namely, as Eugene is professing his undying love for her).

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