‘The League’ Alum Katie Aselton Joins The Cast Of FX’s X-Men Adaptation ‘Legion’

Actress Katie Aselton spent the last eight years playing real estate agent/wife/fantasy football owner Jenny MacArthur on FX’s The League, in which her character was the de facto mother figure to the rest of the hilariously inappropriate and NFL-obsessed idiots.

It looks like she’s ready to trade the responsibility that comes with taking care of a gaggle of emotionally stunted man-children for the responsibility of caring for one schizophrenic younger brother who might have supernatural abilities, because Aselton has signed on to join the cast of FX’s X-Men adaptation, Legion.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Aselton will play the older sister of the show’s main character, David Haller (played by Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens):

Aselton will play Amy, the practical older sister to lead character David Haller (Dan Stevens), who does her best to remain positive, which proves difficult when her brother has spent years in and out of hospitals after being diagnosed as a schizophrenic.

Legion will focus on Haller’s discovery that the voices and visions plaguing him for so much of his life may actually be real.

Whatever her responsibilities in the new show, it can’t be more difficult than putting up with the Holy Triumvirate of Taco, Rafi, and Dirty Randy:

(Via Entertainment Weekly)