This Year’s Puppy Bowl Will Feature Penguin Cheerleaders And A Keyboard Cat Halftime Show

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl extravaganza, and to celebrate, the network is apparently pulling out all the stops. According to Entertainment Weekly, the festivities will include an appearance by perma-kitten YouTube sensation Lil Bub and the creation of a fantasy puppy league. Also, taking a page out of the real Super Bowl’s playbook, there will be a special, big-name halftime performance.

The big news is the triumphant return of Keyboard Cat, whose play-em-off videos have been seen tens (if not hundreds) of millions of times. The original Keyboard Cat meme was based on artist Charles Schmidt’s footage from the mid-1980s and was first popularized in 2007 by entrepreneur Brad O’Farrell. Though the original cat (“Fatso”) passed away decades ago, Keyboard Cat has been resurrected in his new incarnation to play a song during the Puppy Bowl’s Kitty Halftime Show (the magic and charm of Keyboard Cat need not be constrained to one fur-body; he’s like Shamu or Santa).

Wait a second. It’s not even the real Keyboard Cat? It’s a Keyboard Cat impersonator? THIS IS BULLSH*T. It would be like saying “Elvis is going to play the Super Bowl halftime show,” then rolling a big fat guy with mutton chops glued onto his cheeks on the stage to sing a karaoke-style “Heartbreak Hotel”/”Jailhouse Rock” medley. And, I mean, Keyboard Cat? What the hell year is this, anyway? 2009? Jesus. I remember when the Puppy Bowl was about the puppies, man.

I don’t know. This whole thing has me so upset that I’m thinking about skipping it altogethe-…

During the feline’s performance, 30 kittens will perform a domino topple and one little daredevil will make a grand entrance by parachuting onto the field.

The Puppy Bowl has also drafted cheerleader penguins for the sidelines.

Penguin cheerleaders and a parachuting kitten? Oh, Puppy Bowl. You always know just what to say to keep me coming back.

Source: EW