CBS And ‘Yellowstone’ Might Have A Little FCC Trouble Coming Thanks To Beth Dutton And Her Frequent Smoke Breaks

If there is one thing they love on Yellowstone (besides those cowboy hats and family drama) it’s lighting up a quick cig during stressful moments. The hit series has been dominating streaming services for so long, but now that it has made its way to prime-time cable, it’s a whole new rodeo.

Yellowstone had its primetime debut on CBS last week, and while fans are excited to see Kevin Costner on cable, the FCC is a little less than excited, particularly about Beth Dutton and her cigarette breaks.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act prohibits “any advertising of cigarettes and little cigars on radio, television, or other media regulated by the [FCC].” Unfortunately, Beth Dutton is not one to refuse a cigarette. Kelly Reilly, on the other hand, hates those fake cigarettes.

While Yellowstone was previously only available streaming online, a recent report found that streamers are extremely guilty of promoting cigarettes and smoking, as shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black brought the use back into the mainstream.

While CBS hasn’t cut out any of the smoking (they did retract some of the cursing!) they might have to if they don’t want to be fined by the FCC, or be forced to come face-to-face with some viewer complaints. Maybe for the next season, the Duttons can introduce nicotine patches? Assuming there will even be a next season.

(Via Decider)