‘Yellowstone’ Made Its CBS Debut With Less Swearing And An Edited Sex Scene

Yellowstone has made its edited for TV debut. But unlike The Sopranos and Sex and the City, two R-rated shows that found a second, heavily-censored home on basic cable, the Taylor Sheridan-created series is on your boomer mom and dad’s favorite FCC-regulated broadcast channel: CBS.

The Paramount Network’s biggest hit (and one of the biggest shows on TV, period) aired its first episode, “Daybreak,” on CBS last night — minus a lot of the swearing. Ahead of the broadcast, a representative for the network confirmed to Country Living that “changes have made to meet the CBS Broadcast Standards, but they are minor and the integrity of the original series will be preserved.” That mostly means less swearing and a shorter sex scene.

User Thaijler on the Yellowstone subreddit summarized the edits:

I watched just to see what they cut out for “adult” content and run time. I will say they cut out the swear words pretty good, alot of times they’ll beep them or there’s a silent gap where you know they cut something. When Beth called the guy in the bar a soft flake instead of f*ck i was wondering if they had done double scenes at time of filming incase the network changed it’s mind or for future syndication on other networks. They cut most the the scene where Tate throws a rock at Lee, for swearing and run time. Also they cut Tate dropping his ice cream.

Another user, 7ruby18, added:

And they butchered the Rip/Beth reunion scene — no “f*ck me,” no longer sex scene and we got “I remember you being bigger” instead of “I remember your d*ck being bigger.” It’ll be interesting to see what the people who have NEVER seen “Yellowstone” in its glory think about it, from a G-rated perspective.

CBS should consider digitally replacing Kevin Costner with Young Sheldon. That would save a lot of future problems.

(Via Country Living)