‘You’re The Worst’ Shouted Out An All-Time Great ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Blooper

11.03.16 2 Comments


There was a lot going on in this week’s episode of You’re the Worst, from treehouse revelations to Corporate Doug Benson to a somewhat controversial decision have a character get what was referred to as “an abobo,” and you are welcome to discuss all of that in the comments or with your friends over pie and strawtinis, because we are talking about game shows right now. Specifically, we are talking about Wheel of Fortune and one of the best wrong answers in the show’s history, which You’re the Worst referenced.

The context, quickly: Gretchen (Aya Cash) returns home and flops on the couch. She turns on the TV to watch Wheel, and within a few moments a contestant on the show looks at this board…


… and announces that she’s ready to solve the puzzle. Of course. The answer is right there, “I Walk the Line’ by Johnny Cash,” which is both the title of his biggest hit and the movie about his life. But that’s not what the contestant said. The contestant said, and I’m giggling again just thinking about it, “‘I Have the Wine’ by Johnny Cash.” I have the wine! And in case you think the show played a little fast and loose with history for the sake of comedy, here’s the full clip.

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