The ‘You’re The Worst’ Season 4 Teasers Are Wonderful And Depressing

You’re the Worst, the best show on television about being in your late 20s and early 30s and feeling like you should have your life together, and subsequently feeling guilty about not having your life together, returns on September 6. Last season ended with Jimmy proposing to Gretchen (at the scene of a fake murder) after telling her, “The world is absolutely lousy with people. And I hate them all. I hate everyone but you.” It might have been the first time Gretchen was genuinely happy since the show started (“We’re a family!”), but her excitement was short-lived: Jimmy went back to the car to grab a blanket, but ended up driving away in fear, leaving Gretchen behind.

He’s the actual worst.

Season four begins somewhere between a few weeks and a few months after the proposal. How can you tell? Jimmy’s rocking some nasty facial hair. I’m not talking his stalker mustache, but a sad-guy beard that practically screams, “I stopped caring multiple gallons of Trash Juice ago.” Gretchen isn’t doing much better, as seen in a recent wonderful and depressing promo. In fact, all the teasers FXX has released have been both wonderful and depressing.

Most wonderful/depressing moment: “If I buy you a drink, does that mean you have to go down on me? ‘Cause, y’know, feminism.”

Most wonderful/depressing moment: “I would dump her again in a heartbeat.”

Most wonderful/depressing moment: “Hey, fellas. I’m on antidepressants, so I won’t even cry after.”

Most wonderful/depressing moment: Literally the entire thing. But especially:

They’ve come a long way (down) since Jimmy stole that cat from Progressive Flo. You’re the Worst returns to FXX with a one-hour episode on September 6.