Zac Efron Swam With A Tiger Shark And Then Rode It Through The Ocean

So, what did you do on your summer vacation? Did you ride a shark? Because that’s what Zac Efron did, after swimming with it. While appearing on The Tonight Show, Efron told Jimmy Fallon all about a diving excursion he took in Hawaii when, suddenly, he saw a bunch of sharks — or a shiver of sharks, or a shoal — running away from something. Now, it’s freaky enough to see an entire group of sharks, but what the hell is so scary that a shoal of sharks is running away?

The answer is a bigger shark. A tiger shark. That is the shark that Efron encountered, so, after some mild panicking, he eventually bowed to the gods of YOLO and decided to grab hold of the tiger shark that was scaring all those other sharks and ride it through the ocean like a merman.

Someone needs to get Efron’s neighbor Charlie Day on board with some sort of shark-hunting movie now that the former has serious shark-wrangling cred. It feels like someone with some pull must be thinking about this already. And, honestly, it feels like it would do much better than a Very Serious EDM movie. And what a great excuse to get his shirt off!

Source: The Tonight Show