Zach Galifianakis & Craig Ferguson Met For The First Time And Had A Delightfully Weird Conversation

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05.22.13 24 Comments

My thought’s on CBS’s web video practices are well documented. Short version: Killing them with fire might improve them. Not only was their proprietary video player developed on one of those computers you can only play a floppy disk of Oregon Trail on, they get clips up with about as much urgency as their sitcom writers think up original jokes.

So of course Zach Galifianakis’s wonderful segment on Ferguson last night has not been uploaded yet (not to mention Jason Bateman on Letterman), but thankfully YouTuber Craig Ferguson Fan is well aware of CBS’s deficiencies and has taken it upon himself to right wrongs on a grassroots level.

SOOOOO — getting back to why we’re here — homeless old lady helper Zach met Craig for the first time last night when he dropped by to promote Hangover 3 and the two telepathically agreed to just comedy improv the whole damn thing and create ten minutes of delightfulness for CBS to not share with the internet. Highlights include imaginary body hair tweets, breast mimicking, and The Crime Gypsies of Epcot. You will not be disappointed.

(UPDATE: Craig Ferguson Fan’s vid was taken down, but we found another!)

No, I do not know what is with the “uh oh” editing bleeps but I feel like they add a certain level of “Between Two Ferns”-esque charm. Also, CBS, please feel free to continue to suck a fat one.

Craig Ferguson Fan via Splitsider

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