Zachary Quinto Says Fans Of ‘The Slap’ Tell Him They Would Hit That Kid ‘Twice As Hard’

In case you were watching NBC’s The Slap and felt like that kid deserved that whack in the face, you are definitely not alone! Zachary Quinto, who plays the volatile character Harry who did the slapping, told Conan O’Brien that whenever fans of the show recognize him on the street, they tell him they would have slapped that out-of-control brat “twice as hard.” And that’s cool, but it’s also a little weird.

The Slap — conversation-starter, America’s newest hatewatch, psycho-revealer.

If you hate The Slap but love Quinto as Spock, he had some really lovely things to say about Leonard Nimoy, as did Conan.

Source: Team Coco