‘Euphoria Is No Moral Tale’: Zendaya Responds To D.A.R.E’s Criticism About The Drug Use And Sex In The Show

Euphoria actress Zendaya has opened up about the tragic downfall over her character, Rue, after last night’s season finale.

The Dune actress also responded to the criticism from anti-drug organization D.A.R.E., who recently spoke out against the excessive drug use and ‘anonymous sex’ that the show portrayed. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zendaya insists that many viewers have reached out to applaud her for her realistic portrayal of drug addiction. She said:

I’ve had a lot of people reach out and find so many parallels from all ages, all walks of life. So many parallels with Rue and her story and Rue means a lot to them in a way that I can understand, but also maybe in a way that I could never understand, and that means that means the most to all of us.

Zendaya also responded to the accusation that the show sets a bad message to teens and young adults, saying that the hit HBO show is not supposed to be a universal high school experience, but instead help kids who feel alone. She added:

Our show is in no way a moral tale to teach people how to live their life or what they should be doing. If anything, the feeling behind Euphoria or whatever we have always been trying to do with it, is to hopefully help people feel a little bit less alone in their experience and their pain. And maybe feel like they’re not the only one going through or dealing with what they’re dealing with.

These comments come after the actress made a statement on social media about Rue and how there are often instances of young adults hitting rock bottom, but still being worthy of love and acceptance.

Zendaya finally told EW that she believes that there is hope for her character, which is great timing since the show was just renewed for a third season. “It’s really important that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for her, because I think she has a lot of beauty inside of her. Whether or not she quite sees that yet, is her own thing.”