People Threw An 11-Year Old Girl A Fake Wedding So Her Terminally Ill Father Could Walk Her Down The Aisle

Photographer Lindsey Natzic Villatoro had a pretty interesting idea after she had completed a portrait for 62-year old Jim Metz and his family. Metz was previously diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and that had obviously hit his family very hard, including his 11-year old daughter, Josie, who had been very emotional regarding her father’s prognosis and what that meant to the family’s future, according to KTLA. So Villatoro called the family and suggested that for Josie’s birthday, they should throw her a wedding ceremony so her father could walk her down the aisle, since he won’t be able to do it when she’s older.

After recruiting family, friends and some business contacts that she knew, Villatoro had helped turn the Metz’s backyard into a beautiful wedding venue in just three days. Josie had her hair and makeup professionally done and she wore a special white dress to make the occasion complete. And then, in front of everyone in attendance, pastor Gary Galbraith helped give the Metz family their incredible moment.

“Your dad may not get to see you get married, but he is here to walk you down the aisle today,” Galbraith said. “The daddy and daughter relationship is one of the most special relationships in life.”

Jim and Josie wrapped their arms around each other and cried as Galbraith spoke. Guests dabbed at tears.

Josie’s dad placed a promise ring on her finger and Galbraith pronounced them “daddy and daughter.”

“It was a beautiful ceremony,” longtime neighbor Jennifer Stout said. “It’s sad to think of someone so young losing her dad, but at least she will have a memory of this event.” (Via the Press-Enterprise)

Now, if this hasn’t kicked up enough dust for you, here’s Villatoro’s wedding video that Josie will be able to keep for the rest of her life. Get the tissues ready.

Walk me down the Aisle Daddy from Lindsey Natzic Villatoro on Vimeo.