15 Ridiculous Bernie Sanders Gifs To Help You Keep Feeling The Bern

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Super Tuesday got you down? Feeling like your socialist dreams for America are getting drumpf’d by the media? Don’t fret too much. Hope isn’t lost. There’s still time for an energized youth vote to rise up and turn this election even further on its head than it already is. And to help you and your comrades feel the Bern, we’ve compiled some of the funniest, strangest, and trippiest Bernie Sanders gifs on the internet.

Whether you love him or think he’ll ruin the country by giving health care to the poors, we’re sure you’ll enjoy some of these weird creations from across the web.

What’s that I hear? Berniemania spreading across America? Berniemaniacs are calling for the Bernster to fight Wall Street bankers in a steel cage at Wrestlemania! What you gonna do when socialism runs wild on you?

Jeb Bush tried to ollie and the skateboard thwucked him in the family jewels. The real reason he pulled out of the election. Wake up, sheeple!

If Bernie Sanders gets elected he will make anime real.

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