15 Super Fun ‘Futurama’ Tattoos: From Saint Zoidberg to Gentleman Bender

Adding to my ever growing list of geeky tattoos I’d like to get are 15 awesome tattoos of our favorite “Futurama” characters. Bender seems to be the most common as well as …Zoidberg? Yes, lots of folks apparently love the crustacean doctor. Check out our favorites and let us know in the comments if you have a “Futurama” tattoo we missed.

Bender and Zoidberg Battle by Mike Bianco

Crocodylus Pontifex by Lil Ant at Visible Ink in Malden, MA. Via Geeky Tattoos

Via TattooSpit


Via TattooSpit

Gary Gygax, Creator of Dungeons and Dragons by Courtney “Fett” Fettinger at Pigment & Pixels Tattoo and Design

Hedonismbot by I Hate Robots

Bender Attacks by Mike Bianco via Geeky Tattoos

Floozie Booze via TattooSpit

Flaming Bender by Kyle at New Tribe Tattoo in Toronto, Ontario

The Candy Fry Coughs Up After Leela Gives Him Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation Via FYeahTattoos

Robot Devil done at North Star Tattoo in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Zoidberg and Bender via TattooSpit

Gentleman Bender via Lowbird

Zoidberg Madonna via El Chulo Waits


Dann Berg in the Futurama Head Museum