Meet The Model Who Wears A Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve Her 20-Inch Waist

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03.27.15 13 Comments

Diet and exercise weren’t helping Aleira Avendaño achieve the look she wanted, so she turned to artificial measures. She’s had surgery on her nose, mouth, butt, and, of course, breasts: it took three separate augmentations to help her reach her desired 34DD bust.

But the Venezuelan model’s most extreme body measure had nothing to do with going under the knife: she’s whittled her waist down to a mere 20 inches by wearing an organ-mashing corset 23 hours a day for the last six years, taking it off only to bathe.

“I wash myself and rest for an hour and then I put it on again,” she tells Barcroft TV in the video above. “At first, it was terrible, then I got used to it, and the belt became a necessity.”

Doctors have warned Avendaño that her corset addiction poses serious health risks, but she has no intention of shedding her “second skin” any time soon.

“This is the best thing that has happened to me,” she told Barcroft, saying one of her ambitions is “to be very well known for the shape of my body.”

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