We Have Our First Horse Head Mask Local News Videobomb Of 2014, And It Is Glorious

The horse head mask videobomb has quickly become a staple of modern storm coverage. So it was only a matter of time before some poor reporter, already unnecessarily put in harm’s way during this week’s Polar Vortex 2.0 mediagasm, would fall “victim” to the silly prank.

WBAL TV (Baltimore) reporter Kate Amara received the honors last night during her segment about buying/eating ice cream bars, of all things. MSNBC’s Way Too Early has the best look:

So calm. So casual. I’m not sure which I prefer, the meticulous mosey of this guy or the horse masker who captivated the nation with his shirtless jog through Hurricane Sandy coverage:

Yeah, it’s the shirtless jogger. It’s always the shirtless jogger.

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Way Too Early via Daily Dot; Image via @kateamara