These Are The Pop Culture And Geeky Christmas Trees We Should Have Made This Year

Godzilla Christmas tree photographed by Blondie2992.

It’s Christmas already? How did that happen? We were not ready. We need to get a tree, tout de suite. To that end, here are 25 suggestions for geeky and pop culture Christmas trees that are our preferred conifers. (Try to say those last four words a bunch of times. Out loud. Around relatives or coworkers. DO IT.)

If you manage to recreate any of these pleasing trees, you can then add some cool ornaments or, I don’t know, launch that sucker with a slingshot. Merry Christmas, everyone.

“I turned my new 7′ blue Christmas tree into Cookie Monster.” — enhydra-lutris

Groot tree topper made by WolfenM. (More pictures here.)

Now you’re thinking with portals. [via]

Walken around the Christmas tree. [via]

“How I forfeited my security desposit” — Dizzytrist

Pac-Man Christmas tree photographed by clifwith1f.

Chemis-tree [via]

Dalek (Doctor Who) photographed by Lindsey J. Testolin.

A Very Lovecraft Christmas by liquidnight.

“Darth Conifer” photographed by Geeksta_dlt.

Dovakiin (Skyrim) photographed by Lanarchy.

8bit (and 16bit) tree photographed by ivanparas.

Mario [via]

8bit (and 16bit and 32bit) tree photographed by pinetreeman.

Chemis-tree [via]

Portal Christmas tree photographed by y2chaits.

Photographed by Ryebread11.

Dalek (Doctor Who) photographed by tacosparatodos.

Portal Christmas tree photographed by mtallen88.

Pikachu (Pokémon) Christmas tree photographed by kgy0001.

Telsa Christmas tree photographed by nahin123.

Cthulhu Christmas tree by liquidnight.

“I have felt your presents.” — zahnza