Six 'Expendables 3' Ideas Brought To Life By Photoshop

Expendables 2 has barely even begun to underwhelm us in theaters with its lack of ridiculousness (or has it?) and lunatic producers are already floating the idea of scoring Clint Eastwood and Wesley Snipes for the third installment. Little do said lunatic producers realize the internet is way ahead of them when it comes to coke-fueled Expendables 3 casting. Hell, a quick “Expendables 3” Google search and you’ve got yourself a pitch meeting.
Various photoshoppers have even taken things next level with images like the one above, which I assume would require some hella good CGI (please god not stop motion) but I am all sorts of in. We’ll call it THE EXPENDAPREQUEL. Seriously, someone get me an earpiece and hot yet useless secretary.
Five more options to follow, one of which I would gladly pay good money to see. Sourcing habits are terrible out there so I’ve just noted where I found them. If one is yours let us know.


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By our Brazilian friend Matheus Candido