5 Ways To Improve The Anti-KStew 'Robert Pattinson Deserves Better' T-Shirt

In an attempt to cash in on mankind’s latest failed attempt at perfect love, an Ohio t-shirt company (I bet they throw the WILDEST Columbus Day ragers) is now selling “Robert Pattinson deserves better” and “Kristen Stewart is a trampire” tees, which luckily for Twilight fans, go all the way up to 3XL.
The shirts — which have a product description that reads, “Everyone knew Robert Patterson deserved better before, but now they have the proof,” a tagline which could work for both spurned Twihards and fans of Jason Alexander’s short-lived 2001 TV series — cost $21.99 (plus $4.99 in shipping!) and are available in 10 colors. But really, the text could be better. Not only doesn’t R-Pattz necessarily deserve better, the message lacks a certain bite, which is the kind of pun people who have cats named Renesmee go batsh*t (!) crazy for.
Here are five alternate t-shirt text ideas, all taken from Twilight fans on Twitter. #kstewbitesandnotinagoodway