This Adorable Couple Received Dozens Of Letters From Celebrities And Presidents On Their 70th Anniversary

Richard and Mary Arambula have been married for 70 years. That means they got hitched in 1945, the same year FDR died and, more importantly, Henry Winkler was born. That’s a long time to do anything, but especially share a record collection with someone (don’t mix the Andrews Sisters with Al Jolson). They’re still madly in love, though, and to celebrate such a momentous occasion, their granddaughter gave them one hell of an anniversary present: letters signed by every living U.S. president, the Pope, AND Billy Crystal, among dozens of others famous people.

The granddaughter, Belinda, spent more than a year writing to celebrities and politicians, asking them to send her grandparents congratulations for their seven decades together. More than 150 people responded, including George Clooney, John Travolta, Regis Philbin, Judge Judy, Shaq, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Basically, the best/worst dinner party guests ever.

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I bet my boy Richard is so pissed he didn’t get anything from Ginuwine.

(Via: Bakersfield Californian)