A Connecticut Teacher Reportedly Showed Up Drunk Then Peed His Pants And Attacked A Student

An incident that went down last Thursday at a Southington, Connecticut high school has got locals demanding to know what happened. A Southington High School Spanish teacher was removed from the school in handcuffs after allegedly reporting to school intoxicated, although not by police. In fact, according to the school district’s assistant superintendent, Karen Smith, police were never even called to deal with the situation.

A letter sent home to parents seemed to downplay what happened, stating that the teacher had “behaved in an unprofessional manner” and was subsequently removed from the classroom — although an anonymous source to WTNH News 8 has a different story.

“They said he was a Spanish teacher who came into school fairly intoxicated to the point where he soiled himself. He wet himself,” said a person who wished to remain anonymous. “The kids were video taping it and he preceded to pin a student up against the wall. He did make physical contact with a student.”

Friday, we stopped by the Board of Education to see if they would confirm what our sources tell us about the allegedly drunken teacher and what they intend to do about it, since Southington police say they were never called.

The whole thing is just bizarre. If the teacher did in fact physically lash out at a kid, the school district is ripe for a lawsuit and not reporting the incident to police is just plain negligent. And if the students were indeed filming what happened, how the hell hasn’t the footage popped up on Reddit yet? Since the school district isn’t saying anything and no police report was filed, the identity of the teacher even remains unknown.

The whole thing makes zero sense to me, so I’m just going to chalk it up as an elaborate zombie coverup. “Drunken” behavior? Check. Leaking bodily fluids? Check. Attacking random people? Well damn, check. Southington local news could learn a thing or two when it comes to investigative journalism.

(WTNH Via Gawker)