A Detroit Food Truck Was Selling Mozzarella Sticks ‘Battered, Like Your Wife!’

Joe Sciamanna is the proprietor of Dago Joe’s food truck, which serves Italian cuisine in downtown Detroit. Dago Joe’s menu features “colorful” food items such as their “Balls on a Stick,” and descriptions that read, “Just try it, cheapskate!” However, Sciamanna’s truck recently came under fire when an outraged potential customer alerted local news due to a menu description for mozzarella sticks on the truck’s website that read: “Not just breaded, they’re battered, like your wife. With your choice of sauces or ranch dressing.”

I mean, who would eat mozzarella sticks with ranch dressing? That’s disgusting. OH RIGHT and the battered wife thing, too, I guess. WXYZ7 News reports:

Owner Joe Sciamanna explained the menu description, saying, “It was just a joke.” “We’re not joking about battered women,” he said. “We’re just joking about the battered mozzarella sticks.”

Sciamanna says the words were previous covered up by something on the side of the truck, but the covering was no longer there. “Most people get it,” he said of the menu description. “We’re fun. We’d never condone anything like that.”

Here’s a closeup of the menu, which has been covered over (albeit poorly):

I’m not quite sure Sciamanna understands how jokes work, so it’s probably best that he keeps working at the food truck and doesn’t make a foray into comedy anytime soon. For what it’s worth, being that the story broke yesterday, Dago Joe’s website has been updated, and the text has been removed. So, happy ending for everyone, unless you actually wanted to order the battered wife mozzarella sticks. Because those things sell out fast, apparently.