A Florida Man Who Advertised ‘Legit Counterfeit $$’ On Craiglist Was Predictably Arrested


It’s gotta be hard for a counterfeiter these days. Technology has provided us with advanced anti-counterfeiting measures that make it more difficult than ever to pass off funny money as something real. Things had gotten so bad for one Florida counterfeiter, 20-year-old Tony Jerome Torbert, Jr., that he took to selling counterfeit dollars on Craigslist.

Let’s check in with Florida Today to see how that worked out for him:

According to a news release from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Crimeline received a tip in February about a person claiming to sell counterfeit currency in an online Craigslist ad with the heading “Legit Counterfeit $$.”

The sheriff’s office Economic Crimes Unit conducted three undercover purchases, and Torbert was arrested in the middle of a fourth sale.

As Torbert was being arrested, deputies with a search warrant entered his home and seized a printer, a computer and counterfeit currency.

You know how, when a person is very obviously and blatantly conducting egregious or illicit behavior, one might describe that behavior as “they’re advertising it?” The same goes for literally advertising your egregious or illicit behavior. You will almost definitely get caught.