A Guy Who Looks Like A Girl Recorded The Horrified Reactions He Gets On Omegle

08.10.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

As far as I can, only two kinds of people visit Omegle: masturbators and pranksters, and never the twain shall meet. YouTube user “Jumbled” is in the latter camp and ends up disappointing the former when they realize that he, who kind of looks like a she, is a dude. The deep, husky “sup?” is usually the give away.

“Jumbled” also conducted a mini-AMA session on Reddit about the video:

How many people did you actually cut out of the video? I mean like was this a common reaction, or did you have to edit out the majority of the people because they were just like “oh, hey.”

Honestly only a few people were like “oh hey” and it was pretty scary that a majority of people were assholes about. It really made me want to reach through the screen and punch some people. (Via)

He’s public enemy #1 amongst lonely online masturbators everywhere.


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