A Man Known As ‘The Penis Collector’ Was Found With Jars Of Human Penises In His Home

A 52-year-old Croatian man nicknamed “The Penis Collector” was arrested after police found him with “jars and jars” of human penises preserved in formaldehyde in his home. Don’t worry though, because while this story had the potential to be really f*cking horrifying, it’s only just “pretty horrifying,” because thankfully these penises were not actually attached to living people at the time of their removal. So on the plus side, he’s not a murderer, just your garden variety wiener-collecting pervert. Whew!

Queerty writes:

According to sources, the man, whose name has not been released, works as a registered nurse at a city hospital. He has no criminal record and has been described by some as “a family man,” though others say he is an alcoholic who often showed up to work drunk.

“On behalf of all employees of the hospital, I have to say that we are very unpleasantly surprised by an event that threw a shadow over this hospital,” a hospital spokesperson said. “Our apologies to families of the deceased.”

It’s unclear why the man was keeping the penises and what he planned to do with them, and Pinterest was sadly not much help in the way of “penis crafts.” The unnamed man has already been released from custody, because that’s how they roll in Croatia apparently, and is awaiting sentencing which would be a maximum of two years for disturbing the deceased.

That does not seem like a very strong sentence for cutting off wieners of dead people and keeping them in jars, but what do I know.