A Woman Accidentally Donated Her Husband’s Shirt To Goodwill That Had $8,000 In Cash Hidden In It

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02.16.17 3 Comments

Out of Southern California, here is one woman’s cautionary tale of getting rid of your spouse’s old junk without them knowing. A woman named Linda Hoffman dropped off a bag of clothes to Goodwill earlier this week, including a bunch of her husband Bob’s old shirts. But little did she know that one of those shirts had an envelope with $8,000 in cash stashed in the pocket. Unbeknownst to Hoffman, her husband had been secretly squirreling money away over the course of six years to take her on a dream trip to Italy.

It was two days before her husband noticed the shirt was missing, and with the store closing in an hour, they rushed back to Goodwill to go through recent donations. Unfortunately it was to no avail — the shirt and the money were nowhere to be found. The Hoffmans must have had a guardian angel watching over them however, because the next day one of the Goodwill employees, Caitlin Mulvihill, was going through a pile of dress shirts and happened upon Bob’s hidden stash.

Linda later told Los Angeles ABC 7 News, “We looked at it as if it was gone, that we hoped it would go to somebody to help that family out.” So having said that, hopefully she and her husband gave Mulvihill a generous reward. Let’s also hope some of that money also went into the purchase of a home safe so homeboy doesn’t have to hide money around the house anymore — if for no other reason than that they just went on the news basically announcing that they keep stacks of cold, hard cash lying around. On that note, maybe invest in installing a home security system as well.

(Via ABC 7)

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